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ZL60catena Digital electronic colposcope

ZL604 digital electronic colposcope (Standard double screen)
Date posted: 2011-6-13  Source: Zhonglian Medical Instrument  View count: 1693

ZL60 series digital electronic colposcope integrate the modern digital electronic technology and computer technology in one.It is the fourth generation of high-tech digital imaging system.It can identify tiny lesions at high magnification clear image with its high quality light sources by displaying the inspection area image clearly on the computer. The lesions can be observed,diagnosed and treated in computer conveniently.Meanwhile,it can collect,freeze,analyze,deal,save and print the observed video synthetically by using the digital image processing and graphic report system,which provides high quality service for the doctors and the patients.The system is not only widely used in diagnosing,teaching and reserching women inside and outside of the reproductive system disease (Vulvae, vagina, cervical and other parts) ,but also used in sex crimes, medical accident forensic identification, skin cosmetology and so on.

■ Sony original high resolution,high definition colorized digital CCD vidicon,resolution ≥480,000 pixel.
■ Resolution ratio:more than 480 line,F1.4,4-64 optical zoom lens.
■ Depth of field of lens:100~350mm
■ Field of view:φ=2.5~250mm
■ The focus distance of lens:300~1000mm
■ The illumination of lens:more than 1400Lux
■ Amplification factor of lens:22times optical zoom,10 times digital zoom,image can be amplificated 220 times.
■ DSP dynamic digital automatic focus,auto white balance,manual operation.
■ Color balance of lens:automatic regulation or manual adjustment
■ Signal Noise Ratio of lens:≥50db
■ Camera shooting at short range:satisfactory imaging at 2mm
■ Display mode:19" LCD
■ Image print:Common copy paper, ink printing paper and senior pictures paper.
■ Image collect:foot pedal,mouse,keyboard
■ Multipoint no shadow super white high brightness LED semiconductor cold light source,low temperature rise,high luminance,long-life,average working life is more than 5years.
■ System data exchange interface: CD ROM, external USB devices.
■ System image storage capacity: more than 400,000 pictures.The more capacity of the hard drive,the more storage.
■ The number of pictures for each time successive collect: the default of 20, it also can be set free.
■ The video function: continuous video and movie playback.
■ Supply voltage of system :AC220±22V
■ Power rating of system :300w.
■ The temperature of system working:0℃~40℃.
■ The promotion and demotion distance of lens holder:60~150mm

■ WindowsXP operating system, Chinese control interface, humanized program design.
■ Unique dynamic filtering, high quality real-time dynamic observation, outstand the nidus areas, improve the accuracy rate of diagnostic, collect 1 ~ 50  images continuously.
■ Real-time dynamic image processing function: amplification, reduce images, video playback, freezing,collect, automatic focus, storage, reproduce, image processing, etc
■ Dynamic tracking, image acquisition and edit report can be synchronously.
■ The general format for image store is JPEG and BMP which is convenient for independent use and can be converted DICOM format.
■ Professional medical records management system, having fast file management,backup medical record at any time.
■ Accepting users modify the patient information and other parameters freely.
■ A large number of professional diagnosis photo gallery for reference.
■ Measure the length, perimeter and area of the nidus and text notes automaticly.
■ Unique comparative analysis fuction.
■ Free upgrades during lifetime.
■ Unique remote operation which is convenient and speedy.
■ It can do real-time digital report to make teaching soft ware.
■ It gathering the collecting,image processing,cases management,cases analysis,report and printing into one.
■ Multilevel user management to make the systerm safe.
■ High-definition displayer to make the picture lifelike.
■ It can flip and control negative picture with perfect video filter.
■ There are a variety of report formats to choose from, and it can accept customs'' report format
■ There are a variety of software formats to choose from, and it can accept customs'' software format.
■ Brand laptop.
■ The original photo level HP color ink-jet printer can print fine image-text report.
■ Elegant computer cart, universal wheel which is convenient to adjust.

Standard configuration:
■ Digital vaginal lens
■ High configuration computer
■ 8" colorized high resolution LCD
■ 19" LCD
■ Colorized ink-jet printer
■ Holder
■ Elegant cart

■ 850,000 pixel vaginal lens
■ Laser printer


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