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ZL50catena Infrared mammary detector

ZL501 Infrared mammary detector(Cold light source)
Date posted: 2011-6-13  Source: Zhonglian Medical Instrument  View count: 1672

ZL50 Infrared mammary detector series uses the principle of human body''s biological organization for different infrared radiation absorption.It uses a wavelength of infrared sensor of 0.8 ~ 1.5 μm through the mammary,processing the signal by computer after photoelectric conversion,displaying various lesions of mammary on the screen,then diagnosising kinds of mammary disease quickly and accurately.We can identify benign and malignant tumor,hyperplasia,inflammation, and cyst different mammary disease according to the depth of the shadow, boundary and the distribution of the blood vessels.It is proved that infrared mammary detector can provide fast, accurate scientific diagnosis without any trauma,especially for early diagnosis of mammary cancer.
ZL501 Infrared mammary detector(cold light source) is a special instrument of our company.It makes the infrared sensor high brightness,high penetrability without heat,using high power special lighting lamps and long optical fiber transmission technology with little change at the volume.It is high definition and easy operation instrument which is appropriate for the country census and who always moves.

Technology parameters:
1.Gray-scale degrees: 256 grade 8 Bit A/D;
2.Video signal output: range 1 Vp-p, impedance 75 Ω;
3.The analog signal input: standard TV signal 1Vp-p input,525 line/field or 625 line/field;
4.Display color:8 sets of pseudocolor.
5.The minimum intensity of illumination of camera : 0.1 Lux;
6.Camera resolution:≥420TVL;
7.Displayer size:≥15" colorized;
8.Infrared wavelengths: 0.8μm~1.5μm;
9.The optical power of probe:0.2W~1W continuous adjustment;
10.Type of probe:Cold light source fibre-optical probe,with 150V bulb inside.
11.The beam diameter of probe : 14±1mm;
12.The input power: less than 350 VA;
13.Instrument type: Ⅰ class B general type equipment;


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